– Download Starter System $29.99 (FREE for a Limited Time Only!)-

Step 1: Open your account by clicking the yellow button, but before you do that read the Step 2 directions. (This tab/page will stay open so you can click back to it)

Step 2: Write down your account login, password, etc. After you are in your account, write down your “BTC balance” shown in yellow at the top right of the window. Then click the big green “Deposit” button near top left and select/copy that Deposit address (select it then edit/copy or Ctrl + C). Don’t make a deposit yet. Just close that web browser window, which brings you back here.

Step3: Use the form below to receive your Starter System via email and FREE Satoshi Bonus from my personal account. Be sure to click the “Submit” button at the bottom left when done.

Leave the “Subject” field as it is. In the “Body” field below, enter what you just got from Step 2: Paste your account Deposit Address that you just copied (Edit/paste or CTRL+V), and then type on the next line how many free Satoshi I gave you when you opened your account (your BTC balance).

NOTE: YOU MUST OPEN YOUR GAMING ACCOUNT FIRST! If you haven’t, Click the yellow button above to open your account, get your Deposit address and BTC balance, then use the form mail below.