Note: If you do not purchase a system then I cannot guarantee how fast you will get your 1,001 free satoshi.

To get 1,001 Free Satoshi all you have to do is click the button below and open a free account (supplies limited and timing not perfect). As the person that referred you, I have it setup to automatically give you a bonus from my own personal account. However, if you want to get one of my three systems I need you to do two things after you click the button below and sign up:

1. DO NOT wager these just yet! Depending upon demand, you may get more or less than 1,001 instantly. In the top right of the screen you will see how many Satoshi you got from me. Write this down. Then click the green “Deposit” button and copy/save that deposit address. Include both of these when you get any of the three systems (including the free one).  This way I can ensure you get your free Satoshi and know you signed up.

2. See “The 3 Systems” on this site and read about them.  If after you review the two Advanced Systems, you can still begin with the FREE Starter System if you want. Get one of the three systems.

Note: If you are entirely new to Bitcoin and faucets, then begin by reading at the learning center.

If you don’t purchase a system, then please enjoy your Free Satoshi and good luck to you! When you lose them, be sure to come back here! Bookmark this page before you go!