Starter System $29.99 (FREE for a Limited Time Only!)

This is the first system I used to multiply Bitcoins/Sotoshi. Understand that Just playing the game normally is a sure-fire way to lose your Satoshi because you have only a 47.5% chance of winning and the “house” is taking it’s 2.5% cut (just like in Vegas). So, you need some type of system besides just betting High or Low in order to have any hope at all of winning. This basic system uses an old method to “beat the house”. This method was so successfully used in Las Vegas that the casinos changed their rules to prevent it being used. Fortunately for you, the Hi/Low site you will play at has no such safeguards in place. This means they are vulnerable to being beaten by you! You simply need to set up an account with the link/button I provide you and then fill out a quick email order form to receive the Starter System instantly from me via email. The Starter System package gives you the basics about how to play and the correct settings to use to win. You can start with it and see how it simply wins and wins for hours. This will give you a good idea about how you can win at the game. After that, you really should upgrade and buy the Second Generation System or the Super System. With those systems you will receive detailed tables and different settings to use. You will discover other ways to keep winning longer, faster, and ensure you are betting the right way. Also, don’t forget to buy the “Insurance Package” to prevent them from cheating you out of your winnings–not knowing this cost me $300.00 !! Please review my other systems below and then keep scrolling down if you want to begin with the Starter System.

Second Generation System

This system provides you with new settings to use as well as the spreadsheet tables you need to know exactly how much to bet, or how much you need in your account balance to bet safely.

It also includes a program (bot) that will run the system automatically. This allows you to have it win while you are away at work or while you sleep!

  • New Settings / System

  • Wins Faster!

  • Bet Amount “Streak” Tables

  • Automated Software (Bot)

Price: $ 49.00

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super system

This system takes it all to a whole new level! Another versions of settings are used.

Also, the betting/streak tables will be given to you as Excel spreadsheets so you can adjust the bet amount, other settings, and just plug in your balance to know in an instant exactly what is going on and how you should be playing. (If you don’t have MS Excel then I will send you multiple tables)

  • Best System Ever!

  • Wins Super Fast!

  • MS Excel Dynamic Bet/Streak Tables

  • Still Automated to Win Unattended

Price: $ 149.00

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Insurance Program

My “Insurance Program” came from learning the hard way that cost me $300 I had won! I found out they can and will actually cheat you if you do one particular thing. They will wipe out most all of your account. So, add on this insurance tip when you order a systems. 

Price: $ 19.99