Best Way to Buy Bitcoin, $10 FREE Bitcoin, and Best Bitcoin Wallet

To start playing and actually winning, you need much more than the free Bitcoins that I and the faucet give you. To get Bitcoins in your account you need to buy or own some. If you already do, then you are ready to go. But, if you don’t then you need to use a service to purchase Bitcoins using your local currency and banking account. There are several companies and services to do this. But I have found a trusted, reliable, and good company that does it well. They have been in business for 3+ years so you can trust them! They have a “Vault” so it cannot be hacked or stolen. This is the company you want to use to buy your Bitcoin. In addition, by signing up with them through me you will receive  $10.00 USD in FREE Bitcoins when you purchase $100+ USD through them! This is the minimum amount you need to get started playing anyway. In addition, they do charge a fee to buy the Bitcoins that is based upon the amount you get, so it is best to buy your Bitcoins with a one-time larger purchase amount to minimize the percentage of fee you will pay. Basically, if you buy $150 USD worth of Bitcoin, then your bonus for signing up of $10.00 USD will cover the fees for you and then some! You can of course sign-up directly without doing so through me. However, if you do that then you don’t get the $10.00 free, so you may as well do it with me here and now. Note: You can also use your Coinbase account as a “Bitcoin Wallet” to send and receive Bitcoin.

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Use them to fund your account.