Here’s my story of how I won $1,200 in two days. I started out in a common way: I found out about free bitcoin faucets that you can “claim free bitcoins” at certain intervals. Some let you claim every 10 minutes, some every 15, and one give the most of all free “Satoshi” once per hour. That particular faucet has been around for 3+ years and is very popular. 

So, I started out claiming “free satoshi” on several of these top “faucets”, which involves setting up an account with them. What is a faucet you might ask? Well, it basically drips tiny amounts of Bitcoins to you which are called Satoshi. They are only fractions of a penny though.

Also, if you claim them at each interval they force you to complete what is called a “Captcha”. I’m sure you have seen these Captcha and had to click them; They say, “I’m not a robot” or “Prove that you are not a robot”. These ensure that computer programs called bots, robots, or scripts aren’t trying to cash in using automation (or trying to hack into you email, website, or bank account). Well, the more often you claim the more complex the Caption thing becomes (you end up having to pick pictures of signs, roads, storefronts, etc. for like 5 mins just to claim your fraction of a penny…ugg!)

So, after spending 4 hours my first night claiming these fractions of pennies I was up to about 3.5 cents ($.035). That’s not very impressive or worth someone’s time unless they are a child. But, I found it interesting and one particular faucet site allowed and encouraged you to bet or gamble these free satoshi in order to get more of them by winning their game. 

So, I collected them for a couple of days and then tried gambling them, which invariable led to losing them all fairly quickly–in about 15 minutes. However, in searching for the faucet sites to get free bitcoins I stumbled across a YouTube video that showed a way to supposedly win at the gambling game. It said you needed to have a pretty big bankroll to do it, which is way more than the tiny amounts of free satoshi I was collecting.

So, I did what the guy said and bought/deposited about $20 worth of bitcoin/satoshi into the faucet/game site. Well, his system worked for about 3 hours and was actually making me some money pretty fast. But, it turned out that eventually a streak of bad luck wiped out my account. However, I wasn’t defeated because I had seen the system working for so long. I realized the big issue was having a big enough bankroll (a larger deposit) in order to survive the inevitable losing streaks.

Undaunted, I then realized I needed a much larger bankroll and deposit than he had suggested was adequate. So, I bought and sent in another $200 worth of Bitcoin. I then tried the system again, and the amazing thing was that it worked! It turns out that the way the system works is that those losing streaks actually turn into big jackpots if you have a big enough bankroll to keep covering them. Surprisingly, the genius of the system is that you win a little when you win your bet, but you win even more when you go on a losing streak and then eventually win! That means that basically you win when you win and you win when you lose. 

After just one dayI had won about $250 and had $450 in my account. I developed a way to have my computer automatically make the bets for me and play the game without me sitting at my computer. I won that evening playing it by myself manaully, but then I set it to “automatic mode” to play to win bitcoin fast overnight while I slept. I woke up in the morning to another $200 worth of winnings. 

I then did a combination of short automatic playing and manually playing the game during the day and next night. At about noon the next day, my account balance was $1,400 and I had won $1,200 in two days!

Since then I played more, won more, and sometimes lost. Every time I lost I realized there was some problem with the system or a way to do things better. So, I kept refining and adding to the basic system. I applied the tried and true advice to learn from your mistakes, turn them into wisdom to succeed, and also to turn problems into solutions. This resulted in my developing a much better system to win free bitcoin fast than the one I saw on YouTube. 

After playing and winning even more, I decided to share my system with other people. I bought a domain name and created a website. On my website I give away what I call my “Starter System” for free so people can see how it can win a little and that it does work. I also offer two more levels of systems that include the rest of what I learned and my refinements and additions. These win more reliably, more, and even faster! I do charge for these, but due to the fact they win bitcoins from a free bitcoin faucet, a person can rather quickly recover/win the cost of the systems.

Well, that’s a short version of my story of how I won $1,200 worth of Bitcoin in two days flat. Of course if you are interested in learning more than please visit my website and you can get started with a FREE Starter System! Have fun and remember to never gamble more than you can afford to lose.


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