Best Bitcoin Wallet and $10 Free at Coinbase


You may not need a Bitcoin Wallet just yet!

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To play a system successfully you will need a starting bankroll of Bitcoin/Satoshi that you have to purchase. With Coinbase you can buy Bitcoins and also sell them back to your bank account for free to turn them into cash. With Coinbase you can send Bitcoins to your gaming account directly and immediately! You can use Coinbase as a “Bitcoin Wallet” too. With a normal Bitcoin Wallet you still have to buy Bitcoins somewhere else, pay a fee to do that, and then send them to your Wallet. Once in your Wallet you still have to send them to your gaming account, which costs you another transaction fee. You end up paying the fees two times to get your money into the game system! So, just open a Coinbase account and save money!  OPEN YOUR COINBASE ACCOUNT WITH THE BUTTON ON THE RIGHT AND GET $10 FREE WHEN YOU DEPOSIT $100 USD WITH THEM!!! (This covers your transactions fees)


A Bitcoin Wallet is a bit like a regular wallet or a bank account,. You use them to receive, store, and send Bitcoins. Coinbase (listed above) is both a way to buy Bitcoins, send and receive them, and also convert them back to money. But, if you want to get a Bitcoin Wallet for some reason, then you might want to  use Electrum like I do. It is a very popular wallet and has been around since 2013. It is very trusted, super secure, and pretty easy to use.